Pest Advice - Carpet / Fur Beetles

What are they? 

 carpet beetle

Beetles such as carpet beetles are commonly found in our homes. Although they pose no risk to health they can be a nuisance and cause damage to textile products such as wool, fur, leather, silk and other natural fibres.

The beetles are small, round and about the size of a ladybird (0.15 cm to 0.4 cm in length). They are dark brown or black with mottled patches of white or yellow. Fur beetles are the same size but have a single white spot on each wing.

The female will lay between 20 and 100 eggs in spring/early summer on furs, wool and natural fibres.

The eggs hatch into brown, hairy larvae, known as woolly bears.

woolly bear

The woolly bears avoid light and curl into a ball when approached. It is the larva that causes the damage, feeding until they are ready to turn into a carpet or fur beetle.

How to prevent an infestation

  • Vacuum regularly (especially in areas under storage heaters or at the skirting junction)
  • Remove old / unoccupied birds' nests from the eaves and loft spaces
  • Remove dead birds or rodents when found in chimneys, under floors or in loft spaces
  • Avoid storing goods with natural fibre content (like old carpets and clothing) in roof spaces as they are potential food sources¬†

Can I treat them?

The best way to treat an infestation of carpet or fur beetles is to use a suitable insecticide*. You can buy this from your local DIY or garden centre.

*Always refer to the product instructions BEFORE use and follow these at ALL times



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024