Workplace facilities - Facilities

Drinking Water

  • An adequate supply of wholesome drinking water shall be provided for all persons at work in the workplace.
  • Drinking water should normally be obtained from a tap directly from a rising main, but can be provided from a tap supplied by a storage cistern, provided it is cleaned regularly. There could be confusion with non-drinking water the source should be clearly identified.
  • Suitable cups to be provided where required.
  • If not possible to provide piped supply of water, bottled or water dispensing systems may be provided as an alternative.

Facilities for Changing Clothes

  • Suitable and sufficient changing facilities are required in areas where special clothing is required.

Facilities for Rest and to Eat Meals

Suitable and sufficient rest facilities shall be provided for people to eat meals, especially where food eaten in the work place could become contaminated.

  • Where there is no canteen, or facilities close by where hot food can be obtained, the employer should provide facilities for heating food.
  • Where necessary the rest facilities must be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers.

The Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations also cover the Working Environment.

If you are starting a New Food Business, more information and guidance is available on our Food Safety webpage.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024