Health and Safety

Accidents and incidents

Information on reporting accidents, injuries, and when it should be reported

Asbestos guidance

Information about asbestos, the hazards, what should you do to remove and dispose of asbestos safely

Enforcement action

The types of enforcement action that Health and Safety inspectors can take

Health and safety inspections

Information on Health and Safety and the inspections carried out by Bassetlaw District Council

Hygiene Accreditation Scheme

HAS is a voluntary scheme set up to improve and maintain hygiene and safety standards of tattooing and semi permanent make-up

Law enforcement

Information about who enforces Health and Safety Laws, and how they do it

Risk assessments

Information about risk assessments and why they need to be performed within a business

Organise a safe bonfire/fireworks display

How to keep safe during a bonfire/fireworks display

Water safety for children and young people

Information regarding the safety of children and young people near water

Workplace regulations

Information on the adequate and appropriate facilities expected for all staff whilst at their workplace

Complaint investigation

Information on how Health and Safety complaints are investigated

Hiring inflatables

Thinking of hiring an inflatable such as a bouncy castle? The Public Protection Team within Environmental Health at Bassetlaw District Council have the following advice