Identify the risks and hazards - Checklist

Checklist: Watching Out for Workplace Hazards

For each hazard you need to be clear about who may be harmed. This will help you identify the best way to manage the risk. You should also consider those hazards which affect contractors, visitors, customers and others who may not be on site all of the time. In each case, identify how they may be harmed - what type of injury or ill health might occur.

Some workplace hazards can be easily spotted. However, many can be easily overlooked. Make sure you:

  • tidy up loose or trailing cabling
  • look out for wet, slippery, unclean or badly surfaced floors
  • ensure all areas are well lit
  • check for adequate ventilation
  • ensure that chemicals, including cleaning substances, are stored, handled and disposed of properly
  • put in place safe procedures for handling flammable substances
  • check for faulty or inappropriate electrical equipment
  • manage waste responsibly
  • fix bad drainage
  • ensure ladders and scaffolding are safe and fit for the purpose they are intended for
  • ensure that tools, equipment and machinery are safe and properly maintained
  • improve poorly designed workstations
  • check for exposure to vibration from tools, equipment or processes
  • check for exposure to prolonged, sudden or loud noises
  • implement sufficient rest breaks
  • provide appropriate and well-maintained protective wear
  • provide appropriate training
  • ensure vehicle loading and unloading operations are carried out safely
  • check for exposure to excessive work pressure¬†



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024