Health and safety inspections - Information to employees

Information to Employees or their Representatives

During a normal inspection visit an inspector will expect to check that those in charge, e.g. employers, have arrangements in place for consulting and informing employees or their representatives, e.g. safety representatives, about health and safety matters. Such arrangements are required by law.

An inspector will meet or speak to employees or their representatives during a visit, wherever possible, unless this is clearly inappropriate because of the purpose of the visit. When they meet, employees or their representatives should always be given the opportunity to speak privately to the inspector, if they so wish.

The inspector will provide employees or their representatives with certain information where necessary for the purpose of keeping them informed about matters affecting their health, safety and welfare. This information relates to the workplace or activity taking place there, and action which the inspector has taken or proposes to take. The type of information that an inspector will provide includes:

  • matters which an inspector considers to be of serious concern;
  • details of any enforcement action taken by the inspector; and
  • an intention to prosecute the business (but not before the dutyholder is informed).

Depending on the circumstances, the inspector may provide this information orally or in writing.



The above information sets out what you can expect when a health and safety inspector calls at your workplace. If you have a complaint that these procedures have not been followed you should refer to the Service Complaints Procedure


More Information

An Introduction to Health and Safety provides more information about health and safety law and how it is enforced, including what businesses must do by law.



Last Updated on Wednesday, February 14, 2024