What are council tax discounts? - Empty Properties (unoccupied and unfurnished)

Empty  Properties (unoccupied and unfurnished)

For properties which become empty there is a 25% discount for up to 6 months, there is no discount after this 6-month period has expired.

Please note the discount begins on the date that property becomes empty. For example, if this is 2 weeks before the end of a tenancy agreement then the discount begins at that time. After the end of the tenancy a new period of discount does not begin again and the landlord would receive the remainder of any discounts available.

Similarly, if a property is sold and the previous owners vacate and remove their furniture before the completion of the sale, the new owner will receive the balance of any discounts available. A new period of discount does not begin again.



Last Updated on Monday, January 8, 2024