Community litter picks (Spring Clean)

Bassetlaw Spring Clean

We hold 'Spring Clean' events every year during the spring months which has proved to be very successful. Everyone who has taken part, feels that they have been part of putting something back into their local community, is good for your well-being and helps you take pride in your community. 

This year the Keep Britain Tidy, Great British Spring Clean took place from 25 March until 10 April 2022. However, you can hold a community litter pick at any time of the year. Just register your event with us and we can help.

Register your event

You can register your Spring/Autumn Clean or Community Litter Pick now by filling in our form. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for further information.

We are able to offer groups the opportunity to borrow gloves, litter pickers, high visibility vests and we will provide bags for you to collect the litter and we will even collect it from a stated place.

Bassetlaw Autumn Sweep

We also hold an 'Autumn Sweep' during a week in October. As the season starts to change, lots of litter starts to get buried under leaves etc. We want to encourage people to help dispose of this litter before it becomes hidden and causes issues for the wildlife getting ready for hibernation during the winter months, as well as it being a blight on our communities.

Throughout the year

Community Litter Picks can also be arranged at any time throughout the year.

If you wish to organise an event please email, however, please allow six weeks notice for us to deliver the equipment.

Litter picks are easy to organise, all you need are a few like-minded people e.g. friends, neighbours, or a group such as a Parish Council, Tenant and Residents Association, Guides, Scouts, Cadet Groups. Even just one person can do it.

There are groups throughout the country that do community litter picks on a regular basis. Have a look on the Litter Action website that is run by Campaign to Protect Rural England for further information.

Before starting a community litter pick, please complete and read our Guidance on Litter Picking to all members of the group.


Last Updated on Friday, October 28, 2022