Tell us once

When you are busy dealing with the emotional difficulties that come with bereavement we can help you save precious time if you tell us once.

The Councils in Nottinghamshire are making it easier for you to tell Government and council services which need to be told. This service means that you can tell us once and we will let those organisations know for you.

The Tell Us Once service is provided straight after the registration of a death, so you won't even need to leave the register office. However, if you don't have all the documentation to hand or would prefer to complete the Tell Us Once process at another time (within 28 days), the registrar will give you details of how to do this online or by phone, including a unique reference number. 

Please note: you cannot start the Tell Us Once process with the registrar and then finish it online or by phone. The whole process must either be done with the registrar immediately following the registration of death or by phone or online.

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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