Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038: Publication Version Second Addendum May 2022

The consultation period for the Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038: Publication Version Second Addendum, May 2022 has now closed.

Bassetlaw District Council consulted upon the Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2037: Publication Version, between 2 September 2021 and 21 October 2021 and the Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038: Publication Version Addendum between 6 January 2022 and 17 February 2022. It was anticipated that the Publication Version alongside the Addendum Version of the Local Plan would be the version of the plan that would be submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination. However, due to one of the two landowners unexpectedly withdrawing their site from the proposed Garden Village development shortly before submission, it is considered that a Regulation 19 Second Addendum is necessary to address consequential changes and to provide focussed changes in response to updated evidence prior to submitting the plan to the Independent Planning Inspectorate.

This consultation will focus on the Second Addendum to the Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2037: Publication Version and contains only focussed proposed changes and any modifications to boundaries on the Policies Map.

Publication Version Local Plan Addendum

This next step in the Local Plan preparation process includes a six (6) week long consultation on the "Publication Version Addendum" of the Bassetlaw Local Plan. This Addendum together with the Publication version of the Plan will be the version of the Plan the Council thinks is ready for Examination by the Government. Before the Local Plan is submitted to the Government, the Publication Version of the Plan is made available for technical comments on whether it meets the "soundness and legal tests" set out in Planning Legislation. The consultation ran from Tuesday 10 May and will close at 5pm Tuesday 21 June 2022 - The consultation has now closed!

Soundness and Legal Tests

As per Paragraph 35 of the NPPF, Local plans and spatial development strategies are examined to assess whether they have been prepared in accordance with legal and procedural requirements, and whether they are sound. Soundness means asking whether the Plan is 'fit for purpose' and 'showing good judgement'. The Examination will explore and investigate the Plan against the Government's four 'tests of soundness'

  • (a) Positively prepared providing a strategy which, as a minimum, seeks to meet the area’s objectively assessed needs; and is informed by agreements with other authorities, so that unmet need from neighbouring areas is accommodated where it is practical to do so and is consistent with achieving sustainable development;
  • (b) Justified – an appropriate strategy, taking into account the reasonable alternatives, and based on proportionate evidence;
  • (c) Effective – deliverable over the plan period, and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic matters that have been dealt with rather than deferred, as evidenced by the statement of common ground; and
  • (d) Consistent with national policy – enabling the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in this Framework and other statements of national planning policy, where relevant.

Legally compliant means asking whether the plan has been prepared in line with statutory regulations, the 'duty to cooperate' (see below) and legal procedural requirements such as the 'Sustainability Appraisal (SA) (see below)'.  Details of how the plan has been prepared are set out in the Statement of Consultation and the Duty to Cooperate Statement - both listed below.

Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038: Publication Version Second Addendum May 2022 Documents

Consultation Documents

The Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038: Publication Version Second Addendum, May 2022, should be read in conjunction with the Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2037: Publication Version, August 2021 and Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038: Publication Version Addendum, January 2022. Please note however, we are only consulting this time on the documents listed on this page.

Proposed Submission Documents

PUB-023 - Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038: Publication Version Second Addendum, May 2022

PUB-024 - Bassetlaw Sustainability Appraisal Report, May 2022

PUB-025 - Bassetlaw Local Plan Consultation Statement, May 2022

PUB-026 - Bassetlaw Habitat Regulations Assessment, May 2022

PUB-027 - Bassetlaw Infrastructure Delivery Plan, April 2022

PUB-028 - Bassetlaw Whole Plan & Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Assessment, May 2022

PUB-029 - Statement of Representation Procedure - Local Plan Addendum, May 2022

PUB-030 - Bassetlaw Local Plan Equality Impact Assessment, May 2022

DTC-005 - Duty to Cooperate Compliance Statement, May 2022

Evidence base documents 

SS-024 - Bassetlaw Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment, May 2022

SS-025 - Site Selection Methodology Update, May 2022

CD-020 - Birklands and Bilhaugh SAC Recreational Impact Assessment, March 2022

CD-021 – Clumber Park SSSI and Birklands and Baseline Report, March 2022

CD-022 - Clumber Park SSSI Recreational Impact Assessment, March 2022

GB-009 - Local Plan Addendum Sequential Test Report Update, May 2022

GB-010 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Update, April 2022

TI-016 - Bassetlaw A1 Logistics Assessment Update, April 2022


Statement of Common Ground

Under the NPPF, all local planning authorities have a requirement to produce, maintain and keep up to date a Statement of Common Ground (SoCG) to highlight agreement on cross boundary strategic issues with neighbouring authorities and other relevant organisations. Bassetlaw has produced numerous Draft SoCG which sets out the discussions with neighbouring local authorities and prescribed bodies on the strategic matters and issues which are relevant to the Bassetlaw Local Plan.

The SoCGs are expected to be finalised by Submission. The Council is working with its partners to discuss ongoing issues. 

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