What is a neighbourhood plan? - How to prepare a neighbourhood plan - Stages 3 and 4

Independent Check

Once a plan has been prepared, an independent examiner will check the plan and make sure it meets the right basic standards. The examiner will be appointed and paid for by the District Council with the consent of the Parish Council or Forum. The examiner must be independent of both the Parish/Forum and the District Council and have no interest in the land in the area.

After the check

The examiner will recommend one of the following:

  • That the plan goes to referendum;
  • That the plan be modified before a referendum;
  • That the plan be refused.
  • The Council will need to look at the examiner’s views and decide whether to make the changes proposed. The examiner’s report is not binding and the Council may wish to dismiss the examiner’s comments.

There may be a need to go back to the community and re-consult on the plan if significant changes are made to the plan by the examiner and the Council agrees them.

Stage 4 - Community Referendum

The Council will organise and pay for a referendum on any Plan that meets the right standards. The referendum gives the wider community a chance to say whether the Plan should come into force or not. If more than 50% of the community vote in favour of the plan then it is adopted by the Council. Please note that ‘more than 50% of the community’ means 50% of those voting on the day.



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