What is a neighbourhood plan? - How to prepare a neighbourhood plan - Preparation, publication, and refinement

Preparing and writing a neighbourhood plan

When writing a neighbourhood plan the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The plan must be in general conformity with the Bassetlaw Local Plan, National Planning Policy Framework, and reflect national planning guidance;
  • Plans should be evidence-led. drawing upon the District Council’s evidence base, and any locally-specific evidence gathered or commissioned by the neighbourhood planning group;
  • Strong links should be made with local residents, community groups and local business, and the plan should reflect their views and aspirations;
  • Thorough consultation is essential;
  • Involving the District Council at the start of the process is essential.

Publicising your neighbourhood plan (pre-submission draft)

  • The pre-submission draft version of a neighbourhood plan must be publicised to people who live, work or carry out business in the area, and to statutory bodies.
  • The plan must be publicised for a minimum period of six-weeks.
  • A draft must also be submitted to the District Council.
  • All comments received must be reviewed, and any consequential modifications made to the neighbourhood plan. The updated document will form the submission draft neighbourhood plan. 

Submitting your neighbourhood plan (submission draft)

  • The completed updated draft neighbourhood plan should be submitted to the District Council, accompanied by:
    • A plan or statement showing the area covered;
    • A consultation statement detailing:
      • who was consulted;
      • how they were consulted;
      • the main issues/concerns raised and how they were addressed.
    • A statement or report detailing how the plan meets the 'basic conditions', as stipulated in the regulations;
    • A Strategic Environment Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment (SEA and HRA), or a statement explaining why these assessments are not required; and
    • In the case of a reviewed neighbourhood plan, a statement as to the extent of the changes made over the original plan. 



Last Updated on Monday, June 24, 2024