What is a neighbourhood plan? - How to prepare a neighbourhood plan - Stage 2

Preparing and writing the Neighbourhood Plan

When writing the Neighbourhood Plan the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The Plan must be in general conformity with the Bassetlaw District Council Core Strategy and Development Management Policies document and with National Guidance;
  • The Council’s Evidence Base, and evidence gathered by the Neighbourhood Planning group, should be used to support Plan;
  • Strong links must have been made with local residents, community groups and local business;
  • Thorough consultation is essential;
  • The Plan must reflect the views and concerns of local people;
  • Involving the District Council at the start of the process is essential.
  • Publicising your Plan
  • The draft version of the Plan must be publicised to people who live, work or carry out business in the area;
  • The Plan must be publicised for a minimum period of six-weeks to allow for responses;
  • Statutory bodies must be consulted;

A draft must be submitted to the Council.

Supporting Information to be submitted with the Plan

  • Title of the proposed plan;
  • Plan or statement showing the area covered;
  • Consultation statement detailing:
  • who was consulted;
  • how they were consulted;
  • main issues/concerns raised and describing how they were addressed.



Last Updated on Friday, May 29, 2020