Sturton Ward neighbourhood plan


The initial Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan was formally 'made' by Bassetlaw District Council following the Referendum held on 11 February 2016. Work to review the Neighbourhood Plan commenced in 2018, including an updated and enhanced evidence base, and the inclusion of site-specific housing allocations. The reviewed Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by Bassetlaw District Council following a successful referendum on 11 November 2021. 

Stage Initial Plan Review
Neighbourhood Area Designated 4 April 2012 N/A
Pre-Submission Draft Plan Published 23 February 2015 22 June 2020
Draft Plan Submitted 3 August 2015 18 March 2021 
Examiner's Report Approved 2 December 2015 23 September 2021
Referendum 11 February 2016 11 November 2021 


Neighbourhood Area Re-Designation (Late 2022)

In December 2022 the District Council approved the designation of three new neighbourhood areas to replace the existing Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Area. The new neighbourhood areas are as follows:

The new designations do not change the validity of the existing Sturton Ward Neighbourhood Plan, but will allow it to be replaced by three separate neighbourhood plans in due course, one for each new neighbourhood area.


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Reviewed Neighbourhood Plan (November 2021)

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