Scheduled ancient monuments - Scheduled ancient monuments list

Within Bassetlaw District there are 32 Scheduled Ancient Monuments. 

The boundaries of the scheduled monuments can be found on the Council’s Bassetlaw Heritage Mapping interactive heritage-specific GIS web page.

Monument Number Parish Monument Title Grid Ref Scheduling Date
59 Beckingham Dog Island Moat near Gainsborough SK 813 895  
11 Blyth Blyth New Bridge SK617 872  
78 Blyth Priory Blyth Priory SK624 873  
20 Blyth School Blyth School SK627868  
13398 Bothamsall Bothamsall motte & bailey castle and hollow way SK67157325 SK67147320 9th April 1951
29985 Carlton in Lindrick Wigthorpe medieval settlement and part of the open field system immediately north of Wigthorpe Farm SK59138343 5th January 2001
13393 Cuckney Cuckney motte & bailey SK56577140 28th April 1953
29936 Darlton Ringwork at Kingshaugh Farm SK76507345 13th February 1952
14 Elkesley West Bridge SK648 757  
29950 Gringley on the Hill Market cross 70 m W of church of St Peter and St Paul SK73549069 Scheduled 7th July 1999
18 Gringley on the Hill Beacon Beacon Hill Camp SK742 908  
7 Haughton Chapel Haughton Chapel SK691 730  
53 Haughton (Detail not available) Site of old hall S of Haughton Hall Farm SK686 729  
23205 Haughton Haughton decoy and motte and bailey castle SK68207178 9th October 1981. Revised 22nd February 1994
23218 Hayton Hayton castle moated site and fishpond SK7397862 13th February 1953. Revised 15th January 1993
44 Holbeck Mound Mound S of Woodend Farm SK544 717  
  Holbeck (site crosses the border with Bolsover) Palaeolithic and later prehistoric sites at Creswell Gorge including Boat House Cave and Church Hole Cave. SK53577412  
13272 Mattersey Mattersey priory Gilbertine monastery: monastic precinct SK70318955 6th August 1913. Revised 10th June 1992
23217 Misson Moated site and fishpond east of Misson village SK69299497 28th April 1953. Revised 25th January 1993
29906 Ragnall Whimpton Moor medieval village and moated site SK79037382 13th February 1953. Revised 17th April 1957
23214 Rampton Fleet plantation moated site SK81567854 16th February 1953. Revised 11th January 1993.
29923 Scaftworth Roman fort and a section of Roman road 350 m north west of Holly House Farm SK65929272 16th February 1953. Revised 24th July 1998
65 Scrooby Manor Farm Moat SK654 909  
  South Wheatley St Helen’s Church SK767855 29th November 1984
145 Sturton le Steeple Segelocum Roman Town SK823 826  
83 Styrrup with Oldcotes Roman villa at Oldcotes SK592 886  
23373 Walkeringham Standing cross on Walkeringham village green SK77109230 10th May 1995
29915 West Burton Medieval settlement and open field system immediately SE of Low Farm SK79868531 19th August 1954. Revised 29th April 1998
16 West Drayton Markham Moor Bridge (or Mirihil Bridge) SK712 742  
29930 West Markham Medieval settlement including a moated site and open field system NE of Hall Farm SK72147250 10th June 1998
182 Worksop / Shireoaks Early 18th century formal water garden at Shireoaks Hall SK544 803 SK553 807  
13395 Worksop Worksop Castle; 11th century motte castle and 12th century shell keep castle SK58297882 8th August 1930. Revised. 26th November 1992





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