Draft Worksop Central Development Plan Document (DPD) - Introduction to the Draft Worksop Central DPD

Worksop map showing train and cycling travel routesThe Draft Worksop Central Development Plan Document June 2021 includes strategic policies and proposed site allocations for the regeneration of Worksop town centre between 2020-2040, building on design principles and concepts presented in the recently adopted Worksop Town Centre Masterplan.

The Draft DPD provides a positive strategy for the regeneration of Worksop Central. It will play a leading role in promoting new sustainable development and growth to help reposition Worksop, to bring people from all sections of the community back into the town centre to work, live and spend, reversing the trends observed across the country. By doing so, the strategy will help minimise growth on greenfield sites and help to protect the District’s countryside, important green spaces and the built and natural environment from inappropriate development, thus enhancing the quality of life for our communities. As per the Statement of Community Involvement the publication of the Draft Worksop Central Development Plan Document June 2021 gives the public and other interested parties the opportunity to comment on the next stage in the development of the new development document. 

The Government encourage local authorities to continue producing Planning Documents during the current Covid-19 restrictions, as long as consultation is undertaken safely and appropriately, and provisions are put in place to enable community engagement. Therefore, the Council will consult all interested parties on the Worksop Central Development Plan Document, which includes proposed strategic policies for the period 2020 to 2040, in accordance with Regulation 18 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) 2012. The Council welcomes views and comments on the content and direction of this document in order to help shape the development of the new Worksop Central Development Plan Documents. The consultation is taking place between 9 June 2021 and 5pm 21 July 2021.

Upon adoption, the Draft Worksop Central Development Plan Document will be expected to be used alongside the emerging Bassetlaw Local Plan, which is expected to replace the 2011 Core Strategy & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document.

Please note:

Our Draft Worksop Central Development Plan Document contains 209 pages of information and maps. This document is currently not in an accessible format (limited access to the internet). If you require information contained within the plan or any documents associated with the plan, please contact worksopcentral@bassetlaw.gov.uk or call 01909 533 495 and ask to speak about the Worksop Central DPD.



Last Updated on Friday, August 18, 2023