Pre-application advice

Do neighbours have the right to object to a Building Regulations application?

No. Neighbours may comment about work shown on a Planning application but not a Building Regulations application.

Remember that the Building Regulations are completely separate from planning legislation and the granting of approval under one does not give consent under the other.  In some cases, only Building Regulation approval is needed and sometimes only Planning Permission, although in most cases both will be required.  Please seek advice at an early stage.

It is wise to notify your neighbours in advance of carrying out any work and consider if the Party Wall Act 1996 would apply to your proposal.  This is a matter of civil law, not administered by the council.

If you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Bassetlaw District Council offers a friendly, flexible and impartial service to help you through the regulations, however large or small your project. Building Control also deal with Demolition and Dangerous Structures.

Pre-Application Advice

Go to our FAQ Section or call Building Control on 01909 533184, if you would like to discuss your proposals.

Building Control Register

The Council’s Open Data Website contains a register of Building Regulations applications deposited since 1995. The register is updated every four weeks.

Last Updated on Friday, February 9, 2024