Dangerous structures and demolition - Dangerous structures

Dangerous structures

Where a building is in such a condition that it may place people in danger, the Council has legal powers to investigate and to require that the building is made safe.

In order to be considered "dangerous", a building must actually pose a threat of causing harm to members of the public. Buildings that are simply dilapidated or run down would not necessarily be considered dangerous. In addition, minor items, such as damaged timber fencing panels, are unlikely to classify as being "dangerous".

There are two principal means by which the Council will deal with a dangerous structure. These are:

  1. When a building is considered to be so dangerous that immediate action is required, Building Control will arrange for warning signs or fencing to be erected in the immediate area. We will not do any building work or repairs, but will contact the owner (if we are able to establish who that is) and a request that they carry out remedial work to make the building safe.
  2. If the building is not imminently dangerous, we will contact the owner and request that, within a reasonable period of time, they make the building safe.

In either case, any costs incurred by the Council will be recovered from the building owner.

Building Control will only require the minimum amount of work necessary to make the building safe. It is rare that buildings are so dangerous that they must be immediately demolished.



Last Updated on Tuesday, March 2, 2021