Have your say on Street Trading in Bassetlaw

Have your say on Street Trading in Bassetlaw

Bassetlaw District Council is currently consulting on a new street trading policy which will set out how we license street trading (selling, display with intent to sell, or offers to sell items on, or adjacent to public roads) in Bassetlaw.

The consultation will run from Tuesday 6th February 2024 to Tuesday 19th March [Please note, this consultation is now closed].

The Council recognises the valuable contribution that street trading can make to the local culture and economy, and the services that street traders provide to residents and visitors. Street trading can provide people with a flexible way of working, to meet the demands of the public where and when such demands arise.

Issues can arise where street traders are not licensed with regard to their location and operation or make it dangerous for the public and road users to move around them.

Street trading can also result in littering and other nuisances to persons in the vicinity.

Our street trading policy will guide the Council’s Licencing Committee when it considers applications for street trading. It will inform applicants and the public about how the Council will make decisions and how their needs will be addressed. It sets out the grounds upon which decisions are made about street trading applications, and any enforcement actions if required.

The policy will not apply to those traders operating on Council managed markets.

Councillor Josie Potts, Chair of Licensing Committee at Bassetlaw District Council said:

“The street trading policy will provide guidance and support for those offering goods and services across Bassetlaw at a local street level. We want to ensure that street trading takes place in the right places and the policy will help prevent illegal trading.

“I would encourage residents and businesses to view the policy and have their say via our street trading consultation.”

Paper copies of the consultation form are available from the Council Offices in Worksop and Retford.




Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024