Housing strategy and delivery plan - Housing strategy delivery plan

The Delivery Plan is designed to be a working document which will focus activity around the key areas which will help to address the issues identified throughout the life of the strategy.

The specific actions which contribute to the aims of the Housing Strategy will be captured and measured as they emerge onto a more detailed plan which is held and coordinated by the Strategic Housing team.

An annual Housing Strategy progress report will highlight the key achievements, and how they are helping to address the issues that the Strategy seeks to address.

Housing Strategy Delivery Plan



How we will do this


Housing & Household



Work with Landlords and homeowners to encourage improvements to housing stock

Direct contact with landlords and homeowners to promote home improvement schemes


Work with planning to respond to future housing developments

Respond and comment on all planning applications.

Provide feedback and data to planning policy to better inform decisions


Work with developers and landlords around future space standards and forever homes

Liaise with developers to encourage homes that meet future homes standards

Encourage the development of policy to increase space standards in Dwellings


Encourage Partner collaboration to provide evidence based data for future housing Need

Work with all partners to collate relevant statistical data to be better informed on future need


Promote improvements to the lived environment

Set up community groups to suggest and carry out improvements to the local area

Work with planning, neighbourhoods and transport to introduce measures to improve  the  lived environment


Encourage investment in housing

Work with developers and landlords to invest in housing.

Source funding to improve housing conditions

Enforce standards in housing conditions


Assist residents and landlords to make dwellings more carbon neutral

Provide advice to landlords and residents

Source funding to introduce carbon neutral improvements to dwellings

Encourage recycling


Provide advice to better inform tenants around energy supply and affordable warmth

Provide written and verbal  information to tenants so they are better informed


Provide advice and assistance to landlords to bring empty homes back into use

Dedicated contacts for landlords

Enforcement action

Source funding


Promote improvements to the community to encourage investment in housing

Better Community Involvement


Better Security for tenants and landlords

Direct advice for landlords to encourage longer sustainable tenancies

Provide direct advice for tenants around tenancies

Better information to landlords regarding legislation and legal changes


Wellbeing & Lifestyle



Offer tailored support to vulnerable groups

Provide targeted action


Offer advice on healthy choices and self help

Introduce written and verbal guidance on self-help

Promote using on-line services

Set up access to self-help


Commence targeted health initiatives

Work with partners to offer direct health initiatives


Supporting people to stay independent for longer

Provide advice to residents and family around measures to improve the home to make it sustainable

Provide assistive technology products.

Direct access to support


Reducing health and wellbeing inequalities

Enable access to support and services


Employment & Education



More employment opportunity and sustainable jobs

Provide tailored support and direct promotion of vacancies

Work with employers to encourage employment of local residents


Engage with the community to better understand the skill levels and encourage participation in training

Consultation with local residents to better understand the skills available and the gap in need


Encourage and promote education

Local training providers to be actively involved in providing advice and training

Direct involvement from local schools


Physical Neighbourhood



Reduction in Crime & Anti-Social behaviour

Introduce targeted measures to reduce crime

Better community involvement with the  Police

Community involvement in crime reduction training


Encourage self-help and community ownership

Neighbourhood watch scheme

Community action group on crime and safety

Litter picking groups

Community champions



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