Keeping poultry in the backyard - Cleanliness and pest control

Keeping a few chickens in a back garden is becoming more popular.  There are no laws preventing you keeping hens, providing they are looked after properly and their welfare is taken seriously.  However, it is advisable to check your property deeds or consult your landlord to make sure there are no covenants preventing the keeping of 'livestock'.

Cleanliness and Pest Control

Food and water left out for poultry may attract vermin such as rats and mice.  Chicken houses may also provide shelter for rats and mice.

To prevent this happening, make it a part of your regular routine to clean the shelters and remove uneaten food.  In the summer poorly kept poultry may result in unpleasant odours, which can attract flies.  These can become a nuisance to you and your neighbours, which could result in a visit from an Environmental Health Officer if a complaint is received.  Check regularly for signs of pests and take action to control infestations.  If a pest problem arises, Environmental Health may become involved and has legal powers to require the landowner to eradicate any infestation.




Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024