SFBB for childminders - SFFBB for childminders

The Food Standards Agency has produced a Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) pack especially for childcarers such as childminders.

The SFBB pack is for registered childcarers, such as childminders, on domestic premises who usually provide meals and drinks for the children in their care.

If childminders provide meals, snacks or drinks (apart from mains tap water) for children or babies and/or reheat food provided by a parent or carer, or cut it up, they must comply with food safety and hygiene regulations. These regulations say that they need to keep a record of what they do to keep food safe.

The pack has been designed to help them comply with these regulations with as little paperwork as possible. It is based on the same, easy to use, fact sheet and diary system as the other SFBB packs, but it is shorter, and has advice tailored to childminders, including information on feeding babies and children, cooking, cleaning, chilling and looking after a child with a food allergy.

It is designed to help childminders:

  • Make safer food
  • Protect the health of the children they look after
  • Comply with food hygiene regulations

As with other SFBB packs, the diary section of the childminders' pack is based on ‘reporting by exception’, which means something only needs to be written down if there is a problem, or if something changes. A three-monthly review sheet will help them reflect on the past few months and identify any persistent problems with food safety.

You can download Safer Food Better Business for Childminders from the FSA Website.

If you are a registered child carer or childminder on domestic premises and you usually provide meals and drinks for the children in your care, you may be required to register as a food business operator.

Bassetlaw's Food and Safety team is responsible for the registration of food businesses in this district.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024