Household waste and your duty of care

Your Waste, Your Responsibility

Householders are required to keep household waste secure in a suitable receptacle.  Suitable recyclable waste should be placed in the blue wheeled bin, all other general household waste needs to be placed in the green wheeled bin.

If you are having a clear out, find you have an excess of waste after a celebratory period or have waste to dispose of following home improvements you have a legal duty to ensure it is dealt with responsibly.  Don’t let it end up dumped!

You have a legal obligation, ‘Duty of Care’, to make sure your waste is disposed of correctly. Fail to do so and you could face a fine.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Always ask to see their “Waste Carriers Licence”.
  • If in doubt, check their details by visiting the Environment Agency Website
  • Ask for a proper invoice/receipt
  • Make a note of the vehicle registration number
  • Never accept unsolicited offers to have your waste taken away (If a ‘person with a van’ cold calls at your home offering to take your waste away)

Remember - a reputable collector will happily provide you with this information!

Did you also know that the Council provides a Bulky Waste Collection Service?

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024