Healthy neighbourhood inspections

Everyone should have a feeling of pride about their local community, having a tidy and well maintained estate is the first step towards this. Healthy neighbourhood inspections allow us to look for things that will improve the area for residents, such as graffiti, overgrown gardens and parking issues.

Each area will have at least one inspection per year and they are carried out by your Neighbourhood Housing Officer. Officers from other council departments, Nottinghamshire Police and other agencies may also attend, so that specific problems can be addressed. We want tenants to go on these inspections, after all it is your estate and nobody knows it better than you.

If you wish to join us and inspect your neighbourhood, please call 0800 590 542 and let us know.

Healthy Neighborhood Inspections

Date of Inspection
(10am start unless stated otherwise) 

Meeting Point Neighbourhood Housing Officer

Central Retford, covering Armstrong Road, eagle Place, St Swithuns Green, Spital Hill, Claters Close, Kirke Street, Bescoby Street, Gomersall close and Strawberry Road.

Monday 3rd July 2023 Wellington Street Paula Owen
Kilton – Plantation Hill, Rayton Spur, Osberton View, Milton Drive, Kipling Close, Kilton Glade, Goldsmith Road, Dryden Dale, Dickens Road, Browning Close, Burns Rd, Byron, Chesterton Drive. Friday 7th July 2023 The Shops on Plantation Hill / Longfellow Drive Claudia Cooper
Langold - Mellish Road, Ramsden Ave, Williams Street, Church Street and Parts of Doncaster Road Tuesday 11th July 2023 Start at Ramsden Avenue Paula Karoly
Prospect - Primrose Way, Northwood, Wessex Road, Wessex Close, Westway Wednesday 19th July 2023 Start at Primrose Way Stephanie Holmes
Villages - Blyth, Scrooby, Misson, Everton, and Gringley on Hill Harworth Brick including The Green & Styrrup & Oldcotes. (To be rearranged) Harworth Brick Paula Owen

Walkeringham – High Street, Moorland Avenue, Moorland Close, Moorland Walk, South Moor Road, Station Road, Stockwith Road 

Sutton – Portland Bungalows, Portland Flats, Portland Place 

Thursday 27th July 2023

Walkeringham (10:00am)

Sutton (1:30pm)
Meet at High Street Velma Davis
Lowtown – Abbey Street, Clinton St, Ely Close, Lincoln Street, Lincoln View, Lowtown Close, Lowtown Street, Lowtown View Friday 28th July 2023 Start at Abbey Street Marie Bryce

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