Lifeline service

Peace of mind at the push of a button

Who is the service for?

Our Lifeline Service is for anybody who feels vulnerable or may need extra reassurance in their home.

What does the service offer?

Our lifeline service includes an alarm unit with a pendant, which is linked to our monitoring centre, which monitors alarms 24/7. When your alarm is activated, the monitoring centre will take the most appropriate action, based upon any information you are able to give at the time, and any information that we know about you.

If necessary, they will call the Emergency Services, or may contact the keyholder(s) or contact names you have given us.

We will contact you at least annually to check if all the information we have about you, including contact names and numbers, is correct.

How does the service work?

Our Lifeline Service is linked through your telephone line to our 24- hour control room. If you need help you can make an emergency call from anywhere in your home or garden up to a distance of 50 metres from where the Lifeline is sited.

What do I need in my home for the lifeline to be installed?

  1. An electrical socket and phone socket that are on the same wall and no more than six feet apart.
  2. A standard home telephone line.
  3. If the household has an internet connection, an ADSL adaptor will be required.

What personal details do I need to provide for the Lifeline to be installed?

  1. Your name, address and telephone number
  2. Your date of birth and pre-existing medical conditions
  3. The name and telephone number of your GP
  4. The name and telephone number for your key-holders

This is the information we need to help you in an emergency.

Who can be a keyholder?

A keyholder can be a family member, friend or neighbour who is prepared to visit to your home if you pressed your pendant and we were unable to speak to you.

What if I have no-one to be a keyholder?

We are happy to install a key safe as part of our service – see lifeline packages below.

What is a key safe?

A key safe is a small lockable box that is fitted to an external wall of your home. It can only be opened by entering a code that you have chosen. This code will only be passed to the emergency services if you need them.

What happens if I can’t hear you when I call for help?

If we are unable to get a response from you through the lifeline we will ring you on your telephone. If you do not answer your telephone, we will treat your call as an emergency and contact your key-holders/contacts in listed order.

If the monitoring centre is unable to make any contact with your key-holders/contacts, or we do not have anyone listed for your, the Emergency Services will be contacted.

What will happen if I press the pendant by mistake?

As long as you answer when we take your call and we are happy that you are OK, we will close the call and reset the alarm for you.

How much does it cost?

Our choice of three packages will provide security and peace of mind for you and your family.

Bronze – lifeline system, £4.20 per week
Silver – lifeline system and lease of small key safe, £4.50 per week
Gold – lifeline system and lease of large key safe, £5.00 per week

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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