STAR survey

Tell us what you think

We’re asking tenants and leaseholders to share their views on the services we provide as part of a Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) during January, February and March 2023. STAR is a standard survey which is used across the country by housing organisations so we can compare our results with other landlords. 

Tenants and leaseholders have the opportunity to play a big part in shaping our services. The results of the survey are confidential and are vital in helping us make business decisions and shape future services.

Why is this survey taking place?

Bassetlaw District Council are conducting a STAR survey to help understand tenant and leaseholder satisfaction and how the services offered could be improved.  Feedback to this survey is extremely valuable and will help to inform the council on decision-making.

What is STAR?

The Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) is the nationally recognised industry standard survey of tenant and leaseholder satisfaction. It is carried out by over 300 social housing providers. Councils, Housing Associations, and Arm’s Length Management Organisations (ALMOs), all participate in STAR. The survey follows a design developed by HouseMark, who are the leading provider of housing benchmarking services for the UK.

Is the survey legitimate?

Yes – we have asked IFF Research to carry out this survey on behalf of Bassetlaw District Council.

IFF Research are an independent social and market research agency based in London.

How will we conduct the survey?

IFF Research will be calling tenants and leaseholders over the next few months. The survey takes about 12 minutes to complete, and your answers will help us to understand what services we need to improve, for example; repairs, anti-social behaviour, value for money, your neighbourhood and understand your overall satisfaction.

Will my answers be anonymous?

Yes – all of the answers you give to IFF Research are anonymous and they will not ask for any personal details or personal data, such as bank details, etc. Bassetlaw District Council will not be able to identify any tenants who provide feedback.

Do I have to take part in the survey?

No – your participation in this survey is optional. We really want to know what you think of our services, so if you are able to take part, please do so.

How will the results be used?

Your feedback will help us to identify where we need to improve our services, inform future business decisions and identify priorities over the next 12 months.


The STAR Survey has now been replaced by the Tenant Satisfaction Measures. The results for 2023/24 will be reported in June 2024.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024