Annual gas servicing


Gas servicing information

As part of the management of Bassetlaw District Council’s properties, we need to ensure that residents are living in a safe property - especially homes with gas central heating or other gas appliances sure as fires, cookers and hobs. We are duty bound to carry out this essential works as the landlord of your property and by the gas safety regulations currently in place.

What is gas servicing?

Annual Gas Servicing is the inspection of your gas appliances, flues/ chimneys and pipework system/s that supply them. We are required to access properties within 12 months of each visit to ensure that your gas appliances are working safely and efficiently. We carry out an annual service and safety check of each property and should this not happen, we are liable as your landlord for prosecution under “Landlords Responsibilities” within the gas safety regulations.

What will be done during the gas service?

An annual service will include an inspection of your gas appliances that are installed, any flues or chimneys that serve them and the supply pipework to them from your gas meter. You may be asked if you have noticed any noises, smells or any other problems. Should any work need to take place, this may involve the renewal of parts to gas appliances (boilers/fires only) and a ventilation check. We will also conduct a visual safety check of your gas cooking appliances, however these should be serviced by an independent and Gas Safe Registered engineer as it is deemed as your own owned gas appliance.

How long will it take?

This depends on the number and type of gas appliances you have in your home. Normally a gas service should take around 30 minutes. 

Who will carry out the service? 

Bassetlaw District Council will arrange for a Gas Safe Registered engineer to visit your home and carry out the service. You will receive a letter containing a date for your gas service to take place. It is important that you keep this appointment or that you arrange a more suitable date.

Why do we carry out a gas service? 

An annual service must be carried out to make sure that your gas appliances, flues/chimneys and gas pipework are working safely and efficiently. If a gas appliance is not working safely, there is a risk of it emitting dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. These fumes are odourless and colourless which makes it impossible to detect. If you are exposed to carbon monoxide for a long period of time, it may cause serious injury or even death.

 What will happen if I do not allow my gas service to take place?

The annual gas service and safety check forms part of your tenancy agreement. Should this not take place, you will be breaking the terms of this agreement. We are legally bound under the Gas Safety Regulations to check that your gas appliances, flues/chimneys and gas pipework are working safely. Should you not allow us access to your home we will take court action and in some cases we will instigate legal proceedings in order to gain access, and carry out the annual gas service.

 What should I do if I think my gas appliances are not working properly?

Immediately turn off all your gas appliances and open doors and windows for ventilation. Then call our golden number 0800 590 542 and inform them of the fault.

If you smell gas or think you have a gas leak, immediately call 0800 111 999. This number if free to call.

 Our Service Standards

In order to deliver an excellent service Bassetlaw District Council will:

  • Service gas appliances in all our properties annually.
  • Check and inspect flues and chimneys that serve gas appliances annually.
  • Visually check and inspect gas cooking appliances that you own.
  • Write to our residents giving them advance notice of the service date.
  • Ensure the service is carried out promptly and effectively by agreed appointment/s.
  • Treat our resident’s homes with respect.
  • Carry out repairs to gas appliances promptly and effectively.
  • Provide an out of hours emergency make safe service all year round.
  • Supply temporary heating equipment if required.
  • Check appliances as new residents move in.

Please remember, you will be in breach of your tenancy conditions if you do not allow access to your home for the annual gas service. Should this gas service not take place, Bassetlaw District Council will take action against you and your tenancy may be at risk.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024