Lettable Standard


Our lettable standard

Your new home has been carefully checked to ensure that it meets the lettable standard that our customers have helped us set for the properties we allocate.

Your new home will be:

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Clean

What you need to do:

  • You will have to arrange for connection of utilities such as gas, electricity and telephone.
  • You must provide all furnishings for example, curtain poles, tracks and curtains, carpets or other floor coverings, lampshades, light bulbs.

Welcome pack

We will leave a welcome pack in your new home which will include some essential items.

All kitchens will have:

  • A sink unit with splash back tiles
  • Two rows of tiles to base units
  • Your kitchen will have a waterproof tiled floor
  • All units will be in good working order. Where space permits we will fit the necessary plumbing and electrical facilities for a washing machine. 
  • The connection of the washing machine is your responsibility.
  • The connection of your cooker whether it is gas or electric is your responsibility. This must be carried out by a qualified engineer.


  • All sanitary ware including your bath, shower if applicable, toilet and wash hand basin will be clean, sanitised and in good working order
  • Your Bathroom and Toilet will have a waterproof floor covering.

Ceilings, floors and walls


  • All polystyrene ceiling tiles will be removed.


  • All floors will be in a good, secure state of repair.


  • All walls will be visually checked for damp. Any damp proofing work will be completed before you move in.

Windows and doors


  • The glazing will be intact
  • All opening windows will be safe and in working order.


  • Internal doors and frames will be free from major defects and will open and close. 

Cleaning, heating & electric


Properties are cleaned before you move in. Your home will have clean:

  • Floors
  • Worktops
  • Units
  • UPVC Frames
  • Window Interiors
  • Bathroom and toilet fittings

Heating & Electric

  • Gas and electrical safety checks have been completed
  • The gas to the property is currently capped off
  • At your sign-up, an appointment can be made with our contractors to uncap your gas supply. Alternatively you will be given the contractor’s telephone number to make the appointment at your convenience.

Garden & decoration


  • Your garden will be tidy & free from rubbish.
  • All hedges & shrubs will be cut back, and the grass will be trimmed.
  • Garden sheds and other garden structures will be removed unless they are in good condition. These will become your responsibility to maintain.
  • The boundary to your property will be marked by at least a post and wire fence.
  • Existing fencing will remain but may be your responsibility.


  • You are responsible for decorating your home including filling small holes & cracks with filler.
  • This is to help towards the cost of your decoration materials, but may not cover all your costs.

Decoration vouchers/cards must be spent within six weeks of issue.

Last Updated on Wednesday, March 6, 2024