Advertising and Bidding

Vacant properties will be advertised publicly to ensure all applicants have a reasonable chance to bid for the property.  Properties may be excluded from the bidding process where it is necessary to make direct allocations to applicants in extreme and urgent circumstances where an applicant’s need for re-housing cannot be dealt with through the bidding process. This could include the need to deal with a major natural disaster such as extreme flooding.


The advertising of the properties available for allocation: 

  • Will be done on the Homefinder website and in the Property Shops
  • Available properties will normally be advertised weekly with five calendar days given to place a bid (“Advertising Period”)


  • Bids will only be registered if the applicant is on the Housing Register with an active application
  • Applicants will not be contacted individually if their bid is unsuccessful.
  • Applicants can express an interest in up to a maximum of 3 properties in any Advertising Period.
  • When the applicant wishes to bid for more than one property they should bid in their order of preference of the properties - that is bidding firstly for the property they would most like to live in
  • Bids will be accepted from nominated representatives of the applicant. To make a bid on behalf of an applicant the representative will be required to give the Housing Application Reference Number and date of birth for the first applicant
  • Bids received after the advertised closing date and time will not be accepted under any circumstances
  • At the end of each lettings cycle the bids will be sorted in order of:
    • Meeting the lettings criteria as stated in the property advert.
    • Application effective date for the Band
    • Application registration date
  • Where an applicant has bid for more than one property and is top of the short list for more than one property they will be offered the property for which they have bid first

Where an applicant has bid for more than one property and is top of the short list for more than one property they will be offered the property for which they have bid first.

Applicant refusal of a suitable property in Bands C, D, E & F

Applicants in non-priority bands C, D, E & F who have refused 3 offers of suitable accommodation, having ‘bid’ for the property and refused the property without good reason will have their application suspended. The suspension period will be for 6 months and during this time applicants, will not be allowed to place any ‘bids’ for advertised properties.

Offers to All Bands

Applicants will be considered for an offer for any property for which they have bid successfully.

Applicants will only be made one offer of a property at a time. Once an applicant has been made an offer they will not be able to bid or be considered for other offers of accommodation until the current offer is refused.

The successful bidder will normally be contacted within 48 hours of the close of bids.  Applicants should ensure that at the time of bid Bassetlaw District Council has up-to-date contact details for the applicant, or their nominated representative, who has bid on their behalf.  If Bassetlaw District Council is unable to contact the successful bidder within 48 hours this could result in the bid being withdrawn and the property being offered to the next suitable bidder.

Applicants may be invited to a viewing of the property, if they do not attend the viewing they are deemed to have refused an offer of accommodation.

Applicants are expected to decide whether to accept or refuse the offer at the time of viewing the property. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024