Who is your caretaker?

Come rain or shine our caretakers are out and about helping to keep your estates clean and tidy.  The caretaking team are on hand to cover many areas including:

  • Remove litter, fly tipping, furniture and general caretaking
  • Manage Community Centre bookings
  • Carry out minor repairs to estates and report any major repairs
  • Remove graffiti from council managed housing estates and areas

Worksop team, covering Prospect, Thievesdale and Keswick Road, Carlton-in-Lindrick, Shireoaks, Rhodesia.

Name Areas covered Community centres

Steve Privett

Steve Privett

Adrian Gilfoyle

Adrian Gilfoyle (Part-time, 2 days per week)


  • Prospect
  • Thievesdale
  • Keswick Road
  • Carlton
  • Shireoaks
  • Rhodesia


  • Dadley Road
  • Cleveland Close



  • Balmoral
  • Thievesdale


Day Morning Location Afternoon Location
Monday Rhodesia and Carlton Kilton
Tuesday Prospect Valley Road and Keswick Road
Wednesday Carlton Rhodesia and Shireoaks
Thursday Kilton and Thievesdale Kilton
Friday Kilton Costhorpe and Thievesdale


Worksop Team, covering Sandy Lane, Godfrey's Court, Manton, Lowtown and Kilton.

Name Areas covered Community centres

Paul Haigh

Paul Haigh


Ben Adams


  • Sandy Lane
  • Godfrey's Court
  • Manton
  • Lowtown
  • Kilton


  • Rayton Spur
  • Crown Place
  • Kilton Forest


Day Morning Location Afternoon Location
 Monday  Sandy Lane and Godfrey's Court  Manton Villas
 Tuesday  Sandy Lane and Manton  St John's Court, Garside Street and Manton
 Wednesday  Sandy Lane and Priory Mews  Priory Mews and Manton
 Thursday  Sandy Lane  Lowtown
 Friday  Sandy Lane  Kilton


Retford Team, covering St Saviours, Spital Hill, Hallcroft, Ordsall and Villages East

Name Areas covered Community centres

Neil Bradbury

Neil Bradbury


  • St Saviours
  • Spital Hill
  • Hallcroft
  • Ordsall
  • Villages East


  • Westhill
  • Ordsall
  • Hallcroft
  • Retford and The Beeches
  • Tuxford


Day Morning Location Afternoon Location
 Monday  Retford and villages  Retford and Villages
 Tuesday  Ordsall  Ordsall
 Wednesday  Hallcroft  Hallcroft
 Thursday  Mattersey and Mattersey Thorpe  Tuxford and Cuckney
 Friday  Retford and villages  Retford and villages


Harworth, Langold and Retford Villages Team

Name Areas Covered Community Centres

Simon Pratt

Simon Pratt



 Retford villages


 Devonshire Road


Day Morning Location Afternoon Location
 Monday  Harworth  Retford and villages
 Tuesday  Misterton  Retford and villages
 Wednesday  Langold  Langold
 Thursday  Scrooby and Ranskill  Misterton and Ranskill (alternate weeks)
 Friday  Harworth  Harworth

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