Nottinghamshire police and crime panel - Police and crime commissioner

Under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, the Police Authorities were replaced by Police and Crime Commissioners, with the first elections being held in 2016.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire is Caroline Henry.

Commissioners will be responsible for appointing Chief Constables and holding them to account, setting police and crime plans and determining local policing priorities, setting budgets for police forces, and making community safety grants.

The Act required Police and Crime panels to be established as joint committees to oversee the work of Commissioners. In the Nottinghamshire Force area this meant that a Panel has been established incorporating representatives of the County, City, Borough and District Councils. The Panel will be responsible for scrutinising the Commissioner, promoting openness in police business and supporting the Commissioner in the exercise of their functions.

Bassetlaw District Council’s has a representative on the panel.

In order to support and service the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Panel, Nottinghamshire County Council has been appointed as Host Authority who will be responsible for maintaining the Panel and arranging administrative, secretarial and professional support as necessary. The Act stipulated that Police and Crime Panels must be representative of all parts of the relevant area, be politically balanced, and have a membership that had the necessary skills, knowledge and experience.

Therefore the Nottinghamshire Force area must have 10 elected members/elected mayor on its Panel; 1 for each authority plus 1 additional appointment.

At the Nottinghamshire Local Government Leaders group meeting on the 20 June 2012, it was agreed that the 10 places should be taken up by 1 from each Council and an additional seat for Nottingham City to reflect the larger population of the City compared to each of the District. The legislation required each local authority to nominate their representative, but where there was an elected Mayor the elected Mayor must be nominated.

Currently the meetings of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Panel are held at County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham.



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