Rural communities - How do we achieve this?

Bassetlaw Rural Action Plan

The Bassetlaw Rural Action Plan identifies the commitment of Bassetlaw District Council and its partners in supporting the viability of the District’s rural areas. It assesses the upsides and challenges of living and working in the countryside, reviews the area’s economic wellbeing and looks at the land and environment that surrounds us. It goes on to set out a long-term vision for rural Bassetlaw, how we can get there and who can make it happen.

Parish Council Forum

The aim of the Forum is to bring together representatives of the Parish and Town Councils and Parish Meetings under the auspices of the Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils (Notts ALC) in a partnership  with the District Council of Bassetlaw to develop and promote a thriving and effective group that will work to enhance the quality of life for the (rural) communities of Bassetlaw.

The Forum will provide a mechanism for regular communication with these representatives of the district. The Forum is not a decision-making body for the Parish/Town Councils and the District Council and has no delegated powers.

The Forum will create an environment for constructive discussion on National, County and District matters relevant to the rural Parishes and provide a platform to raise specific concerns or issues on matters of policy and strategy or items of common interest across the District.


  1. To act as the representative body for Town and Parish Councils within Bassetlaw.
  2. To provide a forum for the consideration of local initiatives, to engage and respond to local, county and national initiatives and strategies.
  3. To ensure the effective, timely dissemination of information.
  4. To identify areas of mutual interest to Parish and Town Councils and co-ordinate collective action as appropriate.
  5. To ensure that Rural Parishes are represented at a strategic level in order to influence decision makers.
  6. To promote joint working between the Parish/Town, District and County Councils and their respective Councillors.
  7. To provide a link to the activities of the Notts ALC and the National Association of Local Councils


Representatives of Parish and Town Councils and Parish Meetings along with their respective District Councillors and officers of the District Councils as appropriate to the matters under discussion.

There will be a minimum of three meetings of the Forum. For more information contact your NALC Representative.



Last Updated on Wednesday, September 6, 2023