Weekly Blog by Timothy Crawshaw

The thinking behind the Masterplan

This week Tim explains the inspiration for the Worksop Masterplan and what it hopes to achieve

The innovation district

In the second of a series of Blogs, Tim lifts the lid on Innovation Districts and shows what collaboration between business, public sector and education could achieve in Worksop.

Waterfront Leisure

In the third of a series of Blogs, Tim Crawshaw explains how Worksop could have a better relationship with its waterways, and use them to its advantage.

Improving Our Housing

There are many advantages to living close to the Town Centre in Worksop. With easy access to shops and services, the river and canal, and public transport the Town Centre is a great place to live, but there is room for improvement if this is to be an aspirational location.

Town Centre Living

In the fifth of a series of Blogs, planning and development consultant Timothy Crawshaw muses on how more homes in the town centre could reverse Worksop’s fortunes and make it an aspirational place to live.

Family Friendly Outdoor Spaces

In the seventh of a series of Blogs, Timothy muses how the top of town could be transformed into a family-friendly area for fun and al fresco dining.

Historic Bridge Street

When creating the Worksop Masterplan, we brought in the expert services of Planning and Development Consultant Timothy Crawshaw. In the sixth of a series of Blogs, he charts the history of Bridge Street and how we can make the river and other historic elements a catalyst for change.