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Important Changes

Universal credit full service was introduced in the Bassetlaw area in December 2017. This will replace income support, income-based jobseekers' allowance, income-based employment support allowance, child tax credit, working tax credit and housing benefit for some tenants. If your tenant or any member of the family has a change in circumstances and is not exempt from the current roll-out of universal credit, the gateway to a new housing benefit claim will be closed, and your tenant will need to claim the housing element of universal credit instead.

There are some exceptions currently, but the Government plans to fully roll-out universal credit between 2020 and 2024 to all working-age claimants.

Visit Universal Credit Information and enter your postcode to see whether you can claim universal credit.

External Website Information

More information is available on the link below regarding preparing your tenants for the full roll-out of universal credit and how you can help.

Data Protection Authorisation form

Without the tenant’s authorisation we are limited in what information we are able to give to landlords. As agreed, a template is available for landlords and tenants to print off, sign and send to the Benefits Unit. 

Please note that authorisation may be withdrawn by the tenant at any time.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024