RingGo phone parking payments

RingGo Phone Parking Payments

How it Works

RingGo allows you to pay for your parking without having to visit a parking meter - you just need a mobile phone and payment card.

You can register for RingGo either on the internet www.myRingGo.co.uk, on a smart phone, or during your first RingGo call.

When you call RingGo on 01909 750 040, if you are a new caller it will ask you for:

  • your number plate, make and colour of your vehicle
  • the location of where you are parked (a five digit code shown on the signs)
  • how long you want to park for
  • your card details

The next time you call, RingGo remembers you from last time and asks you:

  • to confirm the vehicle you want to park
  • to confirm the location
  • how long you want to park for
  • your card security code

How do I extend?

Simply call/text or go on-line to RingGo again and it will ask you:

  • how long you want to extend for
  • your card security code

Is a ticket required? How do the Civil Enforcement Officers enforce?

No ticket is needed. The Civil Enforcement Officers will look up your number plate on their handheld. This will check on the back office system to make sure you are parked with RingGo.

How can I get a VAT receipt?

VAT receipts are available online to view and print at www.myRingGo.co.uk

Is there a Smartphone App?

Smartphone apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry 10 phones. With these you can register for RingGo, pay for parking and access your RingGo account.

Can I Text to Park?

Once registered you can text to park, change number plate details and extend a parking session. Simply text 0778 6203 121 giving location number, duration and card security code. For help with 'Text to Park visit www.myRingGo.co.uk/help/article/113


How much does RingGo cost?

There is no charge for registering with RingGo and no charge for downloading or using the RingGo smartphone applications.   

If you call RingGo, the number used is a geographic one, so you are charged the standard rate agreed with your mobile phone operator.  Such calls are often included free within mobile phone packages, so if you receive a free “bundle of minutes”, your call will usually be included within this. 

A small convenience fee of 20p is charged each time you use RingGo to pay for your parking on top of the standard parking tariffs.

If you use the RingGo “text to park” option, you will pay for the outgoing text message at your agreed operator rate.

The optional text messages confirming your parking session and alerting you when your parking is running out are charged at 10p per message.    

Elsewhere these charges may vary.  You can check details of each location at www.myRingGo.co.uk/wiw.

More information on RingGo

For general information about RingGo please visit www.myRingGo.co.uk.  If you have a specific question about how RingGo operates, please see www.myRingGo.co.uk/help which contains a lot of common queries.

Cobalt Telephone Technologies is a British-based company that has developed the RingGo service.  Now part of the Parkmobile worldwide group, we have been operating since 1997 and developing and managing innovative automated telephone and web-based solutions since this time.  For more information please visit www.ctt.co.uk.

Last Updated on Wednesday, August 21, 2019