Site HS7: Trinity Farm

  • 15ha
  • 244 homes to 2037 (within the red line boundary)
  • From 2029-2030

Trinity Farm Map

Policy 21 of the Local Plan identifies that the following infrastructure and services should be provided through the new development:


  • 25% of homes will be for affordable housing, 25% of these will be First Homes for first time buyers
  • All market housing should be designed as accessible housing for older people
  • 10% of homes should for self-build and custom build housing

Green/blue infrastructure

  • 5ha of open space; to include children’s play space, amenity space and community woodland
  • 10% biodiversity net gain
  • 5 new trees per home
  • Landscape buffer on the western boundary
  • A flood management scheme including sustainable drainage

Social and community facilities

  • Financial contribution towards primary healthcare (improving doctor’s surgery) in the area
  • Financial contribution towards improving Bassetlaw Hospital

Transport infrastructure

  • Access onto North Road capable of accommodating public transport
  • High quality, safe and direct walking, cycling and public transport routes within the site and to Phase 1 of the development
  • Pedestrian footway along the North Road frontage
  • Highways demand management measures
  • A public right of way network through the site connecting to the nearby network
  • Financial contribution to improve:
  • A620 Babworth Road / B6420 Mansfield Road / A620 Straight Mile / Sutton Lane junction;
  • Ordsall Road/A620 Babworth Road junction
  • London Road / Whinney Moor Lane / Bracken Lane junction
  • London Road / Whitehouses Road junction


  • The site promoters should agree a masterplan framework with the Council – this should be after consultation with the local community. This should include:
    • A delivery strategy and a phasing plan; including the number and phasing of homes and businesses, and the infrastructure to be provided for each phase

Last Updated on Tuesday, October 18, 2022