Site HS4: Former Manton Primary School

  • 7ha
  • 100 homes to 2037
  • From 2025-2026

Former Manton Primary School Map 

Policy 19 of the Local Plan identifies that the following infrastructure and services should be provided through the new development:


  • 15% of homes will be for affordable housing, 25% of these will be First Homes for first time buyers
  • All market housing should be designed as accessible housing for older people
  • 10% of homes should for self-build and custom build housing

Green/blue infrastructure

  • 15ha of open space on site
  • Financial contribution to improve junior playing pitches in the locality
  • 10% biodiversity net gain
  • 5 new trees per home

Social and community facilities

  • Financial contribution towards delivering secondary school facilities in the Worksop area
  • Financial contribution towards primary healthcare (improving doctor’s surgery) in the area
  • Financial contribution towards improving Bassetlaw Hospital

Transport infrastructure

  • Safe access into the site for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from Kingston Road (south) via the school entrance and Kingston Road (east) beyond Kingston Community Centre
  • Pedestrian and cycle links between Kingston Road/South Avenue, and Kingston Road south and east


  • The site promoters should prepare a masterplan and a delivery strategy; including details of the infrastructure to be provided by the development and when it will be delivered

Last Updated on Wednesday, February 2, 2022