Questions asked at our consultation events - Garden Village public questions

You’ve mentioned greening initiatives such as electric buses and roof solar panelling for the garden village. Will those initiatives also apply to the other sites in other locations too?

The Local Plan is very supportive of electric vehicle charging – charging points are a requirement of the Plan - and renewable energy so if a developer wished to promote these technologies subject to the detail in the Plan they could. But providing renewable energy on homes and businesses adds a cost to development. At the moment the financial viability assessment (Whole Plan Viability Assessment 2019) shows that the Local Plan is unable to require these technologies in all new development.

Have British rail agreed to build a station. Would you still go ahead with its support?

Network Rail are very supportive of the station. Two rail studies have been prepared which highlight their support. These are available to view on the Bassetlaw Plan. Their support is vital to deliver a successful station.



Last Updated on Thursday, September 2, 2021