Ordsall South preliminary concept plan

Ordsall South Preliminary Concept Plan

Feedback from the public consultation in November 2020 indicated that residents wanted to see more detail on the proposed site allocation at Ordsall South. In order to gain an understanding of the type of development and infrastructure needed by local residents and other consultees, the Council is holding this focussed Consultation to give the community another opportunity to submit their comments on the Ordsall South Policy and the Concept Plan which has been produced by the site promoter, Barton Willmore.

Following this public consultation the Council and the site promoter will consider the views and responses submitted. These will feed into the next version of the Local Plan and support the development of a more detailed masterplan for the site which will be undertaken by the site promoter.

The Ordsall South Concept Plan is the promoter's initial draft vision for Ordsall South. Please note that this vision has been produced by an external site promoter, Barton Willmore and we accept no responsibility for the content included within this document.

If you wish to comment on the Ordsall South Concept Plan, please visit have your say on the Local Plan.


Last Updated on Wednesday, June 21, 2023