Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The Government encourage local authorities to continue producing Local Plans during the current COVID-19 restrictions, as long as consultation is undertaken safely and appropriately, and provisions are put in place to enable community engagement. See the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan Focused Consultation June 2021 page for more information about our consultation programme.

Statement of Community Involvement Update June 2021

This statement has been prepared to assist the public and any other interested parties in viewing public documents during a consultation for the draft Bassetlaw Local Plan, the draft Worksop Central Development Plan Document or the Bassetlaw Draft Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how we consult on new plans, policies and planning applications, to ensure that Bassetlaw District Council respond appropriately and consistently to the views and needs of local communities, businesses and stakeholders.

After extensive community consultation, the current SCI was adopted by the council in January 2020.

The SCI states that for each round of Local Plan/DPD/Charging Schedule consultation paper copies will be made available in district council offices and county council libraries and that hard copies will be made available on request.

However, since adoption, the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, and ensuing restrictions on social distancing and access to public buildings, has meant that this method of consultation outlined in the SCI are currently not possible.

New Regulations, entitled The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning, Development Management Procedure, Listed Buildings etc.) (England) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 (December 2020 Regulations), remove, on a temporary basis, the requirements on local planning authorities to make certain documents available for inspection at premises and to provide hard copies on request.

 The legislation permits the Council to go ahead with a Local Plan/DPD/Charging Schedule consultation provided that documents are made available on the local planning authority’s website. Currently this applies to the 31 December 2021.

From the 1 January 2022, the January 2020 SCI will once again be brought back into effect.


If you have any further queries about the participation process, please direct them to Planning Policy. They can be reached at or by telephone on 01909 533495.

Published: June 2021

Author: Karen Johnson, Planning Policy Manager

 Update 7 May 2020

The Practical Determination of Applications during the Coronavirus Pandemic; Introduction of Additional Delegated Powers and Committee Procedures.

 The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) for Planning Services sets out how the Council will engage with the community in planning policy, planning applications and neighbourhood plans. We consulted January-February 2020 and was adopted by the Council on the 13th January 2020

Local residents, businesses and community groups in the preparation of planning documents and the consideration of planning applications. After extensive consultation, the SCI was initially introduced in 2009 and subsequently revised in 2016. The SCI is now being updated to reflect further reforms to the planning system.

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