Online planning services

Apply for a public footpath stopping up order

Make an application for a Public Footpath Stopping up or Diversion Order.

Apply for affordable housing discretionary relief

Make an Application for Affordable Housing Discretionary Relief for Commuted Sum Payments.

Apply for satellite dish planning permission

Make an Application for Planning Permission for a Satellite Dish or Antenna.

CIL - request for review of chargeable amount

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) - Request a Review of the Chargeable Amount.

Enquire if you need planning permission

If you wish alter, or erect a building. It is possible that planning permission and/or building regulations approval will be required.

Make a high hedges complaint

Make a complaint about a High Hedge for us to investigate.

Make a planning complaint

Make a complaint about the Planning Service you received.

Make a planning enquiry

Make an enquiry about a Planning issue using our online facility.

Nominate an asset of community value

Nominate an Asset of Community Value using our online facility.

Notify us of a protected tree works exemption notice

Send us notification of a Protected Tree Works Exemption Notice for a dead, dying or dangerous tree.

Report an alleged breach of planning control

Report an Alleged Breach of Planning Control to Bassetlaw District Council.

Request for pre-application advice

Make a Request For Pre-Application Advice from our Planning Team.

Request to operate a taxi business from home

Request to operate a private hire business/vehicles from a residential property.

Register your interest in self build and custom build

Please complete this online application to register your interest in Self Build and Custom Build properties

Speaking at Planning Committee

Apply to speak at Planning Committee