Planning enforcement

The Planning Enforcement Service respond to written complaints about alleged breaches of planning control and checks that development is carried out in accordance with the correct planning permission.

What kind of complaints can we deal with?

The Planning Enforcement Service will consider complaints in relation to alleged breaches in relation to householder developments, housing and commercial developments (including changes of use), advertisements, untidy land, houses in multiple occupation, listed buildings, conservation areas and trees.

Enforcement Registers

The Enforcement Register lists new Enforcement Notices, which are added to the Register within five working days of being generated. The Enforcement Register is available for public viewing at Queen’s Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop. If you wish to make an appointment to view the Register please contact us.

You can check the progress of Enforcement Appeals through Planning Casework Services on the Planning Portal website.

Reporting an Alleged Breach of Planning Control

The Planning Enforcement Protocol was approved at a Cabinet meeting on the 7 June 2022. The Protocol sets out the processes which will be followed once an alleged breach is received. 

Please note that anonymous reports will not be investigated. Although your details will remain wholly confidential, should you not wish to be directly involved please contact your Local Councillor who may contact the Local Planning Authority on your behalf. Report an alleged breach of planning control.

Planning Enforcement Fees (1 April 2024)

Certified Compliance with and Enforcement Notice (within 5 working days)  is £361.00 (inc VAT).

Request to Withdraw an enforcement related notice is £663.00 (inc VAT).

Last Updated on Tuesday, April 2, 2024