Call for Biodiversity Sites: Expression of Interest



The Council has launched a Call for Biodiversity Sites.

It follows the introduction of new national Government legislation which requires biodiversity net gain from new development. Biodiversity net gain aims to leave the natural environment and wildlife habitats in a measurably better state than before the development took place.

The Call for Sites seeks to identify possible sites that could contribute to improving biodiversity and the natural environment in Bassetlaw.

We are inviting farmers, landowners, land managers, communities, businesses and conservation groups to put forward possible sites in the district where new wildlife habitats could be created which could help manage flood risk and also help mitigate the impacts of climate change in Bassetlaw.

The Call for Sites run between the 20 March 2024 and 1 May 2024.

Why a Call for Biodiversity Sites?

Nature and the natural environment are under pressure and it needs help.

We want to make sure that enough land is available for biodiversity net gain in Bassetlaw so that our environment and communities’ benefit from biodiversity net gain from new development.

What benefits does a biodiversity site have?

Each site submitted will be different and each landowner will have their own priorities to think about. As landowners you can get funding from developers from the sale of biodiversity units on your land and a maintenance contribution from developers for any biodiversity provided for 30 years. Funding may also be available from selling carbon credits from planting trees.

How does the Call for Biodiversity Sites work?

The Council is inviting farmers, landowners, land managers, communities and conservation groups across Bassetlaw to put forward possible sites where new wildlife habitats or natural flood management could be created.

We are also interested in possible sites which could help manage climate change through carbon storage e.g. tree planting or peat restoration.

We understand that landowners need to think carefully about making decisions about land for the long term. Submitting a site now is an expression of interest, it does not provide a commitment to using the land for biodiversity in the future.

Any size and scale of sites can be submitted; it could be land that joins up the landscape such as field margins or could be part of an amenity space, in or on the edge of towns/villages or in the countryside. Opportunities could include creating wildflower meadows, new hedgerows, planting trees or installing ponds.

For more information please see the

If you are interested in submitting a site please complete the online form:

Or download a paper copy:

Next steps

All submitted biodiversity and natural flood management sites will be considered.

Sites submitted for carbon storage will be assessed by the Council’s Climate Change team. They will provide support for applications for nature-based carbon storage solutions on appropriate sites.



Last Updated on Wednesday, March 20, 2024