Station Gateway


By 2040, the Station Gateway will be a high quality destination, offering a sustainable mix of housing, transport infrastructure and open spaces with complementary employment and everyday uses, set in an attractive pedestrian friendly environment that respects its heritage


Station gateway map

DPD Proposals

Priorities for Regeneration

  • Connections
    • Improve connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, e-vehicles and vehicles.
    • Reinforce connections through and to the town centre, Worksop Station, North Notts College, Norbridge Academy.
  • Living and Working
    • Re-use and reconfiguration of Worksop Station business units to meet local business needs
    • Introduce sustainable, affordable urban living to increase footfall and to provide natural surveillance
    • Diversify the commercial and everyday uses within the area to increase footfall locally.
  • Experience
    • Strengthen the identity and historic character of this key gateway into the town.
    • Promotion of high quality and sustainable new development.
    • Enhance public realm and streetscape to aid legibility and attract investment
    • Create a vibrant and attractive business and commercial destination
  • Environmental
    • Facilitate the remediation of brownfield land to benefit the environment Create a biodiversity rich urban environment

Site allocations

Station Gateway Artist ImpressionLand off Turner Road (W52)

Redevelopment of this site will deliver 80 affordable homes.

Land off Carlton/Blyth Road (W53)

This vacant land will be redeveloped to include 71 residential dwellings, and retail/commercial floorspace.


Worksop Station (W51)

Worksop Train Station will be protected as a transport hub, with support being given to future proposals that strengthen and diversify the site offer.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024