Southern Gateway


By 2040, new life will have been breathed into the Southern Gateway; positive re-use of land and buildings will have introduced a new mix of uses, supported by a growing resident community, whilst an extended historic Market Place and the distinctive landmark buildings nearby will once again be a key gateway destination attracting visitors to the town centre.

Southern gateway map



DPD Proposals

Priorities for Regeneration

  • Connections
    • Improve connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, e-vehicles and vehicles.
    • Enhance connections through the area to the town centre, Worksop Bus Station via a clear route hierarchy
  • Living and Working
    • Diversify the range of commercial leisure and food and beverage within the area
    • Introduce sustainable, affordable urban living to increase footfall and to provide natural surveillance
    • Grow Worksop’s cultural and evening economy
    • Secure the enhancement of neighbourhood services
  • Experience
    • Create a multipurpose public space for community and cultural events, and specialist markets
    • Strengthen and enhance the historic key gateway into the town.
    • Improve key routes into town through public realm, legibility and wayfinding
    • Enhance public realm and streetscape to aid legibility and attract investment
    • Create a variety of experiences to increase the area’s appeal to different groups, including families
  • Environmental
    • Facilitate the re-use of brownfield land and underused buildings to benefit the environment and water quality
    • Create a biodiversity rich urban environment

Site allocations

Leadhill Car Park (W39)

Redevelopment of this site will deliver 15 dwellings.

Newgate Surgery (W45)

This site will be protected as a health centre.

Former Magistrates Court (W43)

Redevelopment of this vacant site will deliver 10 residential dwellings.

The Old Ship Inn (W48)

The site will be redeveloped to deliver commercial leisure/retail space at ground floor level, and 2 apartments on the upper floors.

The Mayfair Centre (W44)

This previously used site will provide a mixed use development, with 36 residential dwellings, and lower level commercial floorspace and car parking.

Newgate Street Car Park (W47)

This site will be redevelopment to offer 15 residential dwellings.

Worksop Public Sector Hub (W46)

This site will be protected as a business, commercial and community services hub.

Worksop Market Square (W49)

An extension of the Market Square to the West will create an attractive, high quality, people friendly, multi-purpose civic space, capable of supporting temporary pop up uses and events.


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