Member allowances to rise by 5% following Independent Panel recommendations

Bassetlaw District Councillors have approved an increase in members allowances for the first time in over three years at its full Council meeting on 25th January 2024.

The allowance is the annual fee payable to all elected members of the authority for their role as a councillor.

The recommendation of a five percent rise was made by the Independent Remuneration Panel in their first meeting since the Covid pandemic, with no change being made to allowances since 2019-20.

Before reaching its conclusion, the panel looked at allowances at other comparable authorities, the council’s financial position and the current economic climate.

Compared to the rest of Nottinghamshire’s districts, Bassetlaw District Council members allowances are the third lowest in the county.

The increase is backdated to May 2023, with the basic allowance for members rising from £4,744 to £4,981, while the leader of the Council will get £8,083, up from £7,689.

The Independent Remuneration Panel believe it will make sure current elected members can carry out their duties without financial loss, and addresses concerns that without an increase people from the wider community could be put off from becoming an elected member.

The law requires that all councils periodically appoint an Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) to consider the allowances paid to their elected members. Bassetlaw’s IRP has three members and is independent of Bassetlaw District Council’s Officers and Councillors.


Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024