Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) Planner - Job Description

Job title: Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) Planner

Post reference: 1670PAPA

Grade: Grade 8

Responsible To: Major Projects Manager 

Job Purpose: To manage a caseload of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects and other supply chain related economic development growth, whilst negotiating planning performance agreements and being the key interface between the district, developers other partners and interested parties.

Key Responsibilities:                    

  1. To ensure that the District Council is able to successfully influence the planning process to secure policy compliant planning decisions which deliver the correct level of developer funded infrastructure in response to the relevant stages of the NSIP process.
  1. To shape and influence significant growth projects to ensure that they positively contribute to the local community in the short, medium and longer term
  1. To be responsible for collating and delivering communications to stakeholders as part of any form of Development Consent Order and where appropriate to support the delivery of community consortiums.
  1. To have a comprehensive knowledge of legislative, policy, and procedural frameworks across the Planning function with a demonstrable understanding of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, major developments and the ability to maximise community benefits.
  1. To have experience in contributing to the delivery of energy sector related developments and associated supply chain activity
  1. To represent the Planning Service and/or the Council at external councillor and/or officer meetings including (but not exhaustive) Planning Committee, Planning Consultation Group and to be the Council’s expert witness at Public Inquiries relating to major developments managed by the Local Planning Authority and for NSIPs as a statutory consultee.
  1. To develop / assist in the development of policies, guidelines and procedures on planning matters associated with NSIPs and related supply chain activity.
  1. To keep up to date with legislative changes and undertake the training and development of both staff and Members; including sourcing relevant external courses, undertaking preparatory work and delivering confidently.
  1. To engage and manage relationships with a host of relevant colleagues, consultees and stakeholders including community groups to ensure transparency of decision making and engagement with third parties in a timely manner.
  1. To manage your own performance in association with the Major Projects Manager.

The post holder is required to carry out any other duties appropriate for the grade and responsibility level of the post.

The post holder will be required to comply with relevant legislation and in accordance with the Council’s policies and procedures.

The post holder will be employed under the NJC Conditions of Service for Local Government Services.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024