Landlord Accreditation Scheme

What is the Accreditation Scheme?

Private landlords play an essential role in the provision of accommodation across the Bassetlaw District. It is acknowledged and appreciated that many private landlords provide and maintain properties to a high standard, often above the standard required by law.

DASH Landlord Accreditation (previously known as EMLAS) aims to recognise these landlords and encourage and support others to achieve this higher standard.

The aims of DASH Landlord Accreditation are:

  • To introduce a Scheme that not only covers the physical conditions of properties, but also good management practices
  • To give public recognition to those landlords who provide housing that meets or exceeds the accredited standard
  • To give prospective tenants the choice of renting high standard accredited accommodation

The Scheme requires that the physical condition of properties, basic amenities and management practices are fair and reasonable and will not be prejudicial to the health, safety and welfare of tenants or the surrounding neighbourhood. This ensures that landlords, tenants and the local community will benefit from good housing conditions, competent management and considerate neighbourly behaviour. It will also help to ensure that misunderstandings and disputes are minimised.

Accredited Landlords must ensure compliance with legal obligations as well as the requirements of the Schemes Code of Management.

It applies to landlords who privately rent accommodation. It does not include Council owned properties or those owned by Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations). These organisations have a different accrediting body.

What are the Benefits for Landlords?

  • Market advantage
  • Rewards and benefits
  • Recognition for landlords who provide a high standard of accommodation
  • Co-operation, support, advice & signposting from DASH the on all aspects of private renting
  • Improved access to Housing Benefit Services
  • Advertise properties for Free in A1 Housing Property Shops
  • Free E-Bulletin with advice and information on all aspects of the private rented sector
  • Help to shape decisions through consultation and research
  • Periodic training seminars on important topic issues
  • Provisions of a membership certificate to prove accreditation status

What are the Benefits for Tenants?

  • Knowledge that they are renting from a reputable landlord with a quality mark award
  • Assurance that the property will be of a decent standard and well maintained
  • Greater information about properties available for renting
  • Identification of good quality accommodation
  • Assurance that an agreed code of management will be followed
  • Access to Free advice and information

Code of Standards

To join the DASH landlord Accreditation scheme, landlords will need to meet the Scheme's code of management standard and their property will meet the Scheme's physical standard. For more information on the scheme or to join please contact DASH Services on:

01332 641111

or visit the Dash Services Website.

Last Updated on Thursday, August 13, 2020