Permit application process

Permit applications for all new or substantially changed installations are received by the Local Authority, who have 10 working days to establish whether the applicant has included sufficient information to determine the application duly made.

Application Form and Fee

The application must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee, which varies depending on the complexity of the process. Current fees are available on the Defra Website.

The following application forms are provided for Part A2 and Part B processes. However, operators are strongly encouraged to enter into pre-application discussions before making their formal application.

Consultation Process

The duly made application is placed on the Council’s public register and becomes the subject of a 28 days statutory consultation exercise.

A copy notice of the application is normally placed in a local newspaper, and all reasonable objections are given due considered during the determination period.

Following the consultation period the application is determined by the Local Authority officer and a permit to operate is issued.

Last Updated on Thursday, July 20, 2023

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