Neighbour noise

Many complaints relating to noisy neighbours are about the noise from domestic activities such as:

  • excessively loud speech and music from TVs and other equipment
  • DIY activities carried out at unreasonable times
  • noisy/rowdy parties or gatherings
  • dog barking for prolonged periods
  • domesticated fowl and other animals

Housing Association Tenants or Bassetlaw District Council tenants may be in breach of their tenancy conditions if they are causing a noise nuisance.

What Should I Do About My Noisy Neighbour?

If you are being disturbed by excessive or unreasonable noise from a neighbour, we recommend that you try to resolve the problem yourself by approaching them and explaining politely that you are being troubled by their noise. Often people are unaware that they are disturbing others and most will be happy to do what they can to reduce the noise. However, approach the matter carefully if you think that your neighbour might react angrily to a complaint.

Where this approach has little or no effect and you are still bothered by the noise, please Make a Noise Complaint.

Last Updated on Thursday, March 7, 2024