Food business checklist

Do you have a documented Food Safety Management System? If ‘no’ contact our department for advice on a suitable policy for your business tel 01777 713764.

Do you document checks you carry out?

Do you ensure food is thoroughly cooked e.g. by using a probe thermometer?

Do you use sanitising wipes for use with you probe thermometer?

Do you calibrate your thermometer (i.e. check the thermometer is working correctly in iced water and boiling water)?

Do you know and keep food at the correct, safe temperature (i.e. chilled foods to be kept at or below 8 °C, cooked food at 75 °C or above and keep food hot above 63 °C)?

If you have a documented Food Safety Management System do your staff understand and follow the practices?

Has your staff received food hygiene training commensurate with their work activities?

Are the certificates from training courses still current i.e. recommend 3-5 years to attend refresher courses?

Is your premises pest free?

Do you carry out in house pest control checks and do you record this?

Or do you employ a pest contractor?

Does the design and construction meet legal requirements?

Is the structure of your premises (ceiling, walls, floors, doors, windows) in good repair and easy to clean?

Do you have suitable ventilation and lighting in the food rooms?

Is your equipment and work surfaces in good repair and easy to clean?

Do you have sufficient numbers of sinks and wash hand basins with hot and cold running water?

Does your wash hand basin have a supply of soap and hand drying facilities?

Does your staff wear suitable protective over clothing?

Do you exclude staff from working should they be suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea?

Do you have controls in place to protect cross-contamination occurring during delivery, storage, preparation, cooking and service?

Does your staff wash their hands regularly?

Do you consider your premises to be generally clean?

Do you have a cleaning schedule?

Do you have a “clean as you go” policy?

Do you have a disinfectant or sanitiser chemical product?

Do you use this on all work surfaces, food contact surfaces (knives, chopping boards) and hand contact surfaces such as taps, handles?

If you wish to discuss with a food safety officer any queries regarding these questions, or request advice please telephone 01777 713764.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024